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2016 Spring Forward ConferenceSpring Forward Conference

We are pleased to announce our Spring Forward Conference will be held at the brand new Hampton Inn and Suites/ Harobr Events & Conference Center in Downtown Portsmouth, NH on 5/13/16! We are very excited to have two excellent speakers this year. Dr. Doug Beck, one of the most prolific authors in audiology, will present on Cognition, Audition, and Amplification. Dr. Robert DiSogra, an outstanding lecturer, who developed and taught the Pharmacology/Ototoxicity course at Salus University, will present Over the Counter Tinnitus Products - Helpful or Harmful? The pre-conference workshop is by Starkey Hearing Technologies and will be held on May 12th from 1-5.

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Mission Statement

The New Hampshire Academy of Audiology was established in 1993 for the purposes of

About Us

The New Hampshire Academy of Audiology was established in 1993 by audiologists from around the state as a nonprofit organization to address professional issues and standards of hearing healthcare. We practice in a variety of settings including private offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, research facilities, universities, and in association with doctors who specialize in the medical treatment of ears. Our members are located in communities across the state.

Our first effort in 1993 was to promote legislation to license audiologists in our state. That was accomplished in 1996. The New Hampshire board of hearing care providers was convened in 1997 to write the rules of operation for this oversight board. These rules were accepted by the Legislature in 1998. Since that time, all audiologists who practice in New Hampshire are required to be licensed.

In 1997 the academy turned its attention to promoting continuing education and began to host a full day seminar each fall. In 1999 we joined efforts with the Maine Academy of Audiology. The annual seminar has been co-hosted by both academies since that time.

Members of our academy continue to support the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening effort in the state. Additionally, efforts to improve access to quality follow-up for the infant and pediatric population identified with hearing loss are ongoing.

President's Letter

Welcome to the New Hampshire Academy of Audiology. The NHAA was founded in 1994. Our mission was to support the licensing of audiologists in NH and to provide educational and professional support to those audiologists.

Shortly after forming, the NHAA developed an annual conference for continuing education. Since 1999 we have joined with the Maine Academy of Audiology to provide a conference that alternates, each year, from one state to the other. This year, the conference is hosting Richard Tyler, Ph.D., from the University of Iowa. Dr. Tyler will be presenting about tinnitus. The conference will be held at the Wolfeboro Inn, in New Hampshire, on Friday, October 18, 2013. There will be a pre-conference session during the afternoon of the 17th, where you can learn about tinnitus treatment options from different suppliers.

The NHAA has a small fund which is available to facilities who are interested in installing a "loop" system for use with the telecoil, found on hearing aids. If you know of a facility that could benefit from this financial support, for this purpose only, please let us know.

We welcome new members! Audiologists can join the NHAA through our website or download the application and mail it to our treasurer. We are always looking for audiologists who are interested in joining our board or committees. We are an active group who provides regular meetings. Our meetings are held either in-person or on-line. This provides networking opportunities, as well as opportunities to discuss professional concerns with other members of the field. With our on-line chat meetings, we have made it easy for any member to participate in conversation with other members who attend, and for anyone to contribute to the association. If you aren't a member, please consider joining. If you are a member, think about being a part of our board or a committee.

This website also provides a listing of NHAA members. The Audiologist Directory link will help you find a nearby professional.